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Kitten trapped on a fishing boat, rescued after 10 days
Kitten trapped on a fishing boat, rescued after 10 days

A kitten trapped on a fishing boat shipwrecked was rescued by a volunteer after ten days of fear. Her name could only be Rose, in homage to the protagonist of the film Titanic.

kitten on a shipwrecked fishing boat
kitten on a shipwrecked fishing boat

The boat, stranded among the rocks off the Salento coast, had no victims. The bipedal crew members are all safe, in fact, and now even the four-legged one.

Small and invisible

The kitten trapped on a fishing boat is so small that she is gone unnoticed for a long time. Fortunately, Rose's story had a happy ending thanks to the initiative of a volunteer and some fishermen.

The boat ran aground on the rocks off Torre Pali, in the Lecce area, last January 25th. The eight Egyptians who made up the crew are all fine. But no one noticed the cat on board. Luckily he didn't risk drowning like the kitten reanimated by a firefighter.

Alone and afraid

Left completely alone, terrified and without food or water, the little quadruped was at the mercy of the waves for more than a week. At least until word of his possible presence on board spread.

Fortunately Antonella Pirelli, head of the Qua la paampa Association, learned of this possibility and - without thinking twice and with the help of some local fishermen - set up a kennel trap to retrieve the kitten and put it in safety.

When the baby's sex was discovered, no one doubted the name: Rose, as the protagonist of Titanic played by Kate Winslet together with a very young Leonardo di Caprio.

Now the little one will be entrusted to care of a veterinarian who will ascertain about the general health conditions. We hope she will soon find someone who will give her the love and attention she deserves, making her forget this terrible adventure.