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Adult cat with worms? Causes and solutions
Adult cat with worms? Causes and solutions

Does our feline friend have food, intestinal or digestive problems? It could be that we have the adult cat with worms. How can you manage the problem and take prompt action to avoid unpleasant consequences? Let's see the causes of this inconvenience and the possible remedies to solve.

Adult cat with worms: causes

cat dozes
cat dozes

How does a cat get worms? Generally, this infestation happens with contact: the cat, especially one accustomed to going out on the street and roaming freely, could touch them in some way egg worms. By doing so, it would become infected instantly.

Another cause could derive from the ingesting contaminated things. We all know that the cat is a born predator: going out hunting and eating some infected rodent could lead to serious consequences. The animal sent down causes problems in the intestine of our friend: the worms often proliferate there and give rise to the infection, which we could detect from the feces (or vomit).

Again: the fleas! It is very common for a cat to get fleas: can they also be the cause of worm infection? Well yes! They could carry the larvae worms: if this were the case, clinging to the feline's skin, they would immediately contaminate it.

How to notice: symptoms

cat suffers from worms
cat suffers from worms

What the worm acts on immediately is the intestine: it is instantly contaminated and is the part of the body that is most affected. How can we detect the presence of intestinal worms and intervene promptly? So how do we prevent this from leading to worse consequences?

We assume that there are various types of worms. Depending on the type, they affect and disturb certain and different parts of the body.

Here are the most obvious symptoms:

  • evident presence of worms in the stool
  • general malaise in cats: they are often so relaxed that they don't even have the strength to stay awake
  • absence of hunger and consequent weight loss
  • loss of hair shine: this could happen because worms tend to prevent the cat from assimilating minerals or vitamins, essential for shine
  • fleas: the cat, licking its own body very often, could ingest the worm larvae carried by the fleas and damage its intestines
  • more or less constant diarrhea and vomiting: worms act on the walls of the intestine and stomach, to which they attach themselves, irritating them. By doing so, they create a rejection reaction on the part of the body which tends to expel what disturbs health
  • swollen belly
  • clear gums: if the color is white or gray, this could be due to an anemia condition, caused by internal bleeding. Worms can often cause irritation or bleeding - often this can also be seen in the stool itself

What to do? Possible solutions

sleeping cat
sleeping cat

Often the presence of worms can be seen very clearly in the stool or vomit. This is one of the cases where the diagnosis it is always very clear. In other situations, however, we must be good at noticing something different in our cat's temperament. Living in close contact with him, we will surely be able to know his every move. So, how to tell if the cat is sick will certainly not be too difficult!

Surely what needs to be done before anything else is to consult the veterinarian at the first sign of weakness of the cat or strange symptom we notice. By doing so, we may help our friend promptly and try to fix it without causing further harm.

cat is resting
cat is resting

What measures will be recommended to us? The first thing that will be suggested to us will be to do a stool analysis to be sure that the problem is really that of the worms. Once we understand what the point is, the vet will advise us on the right one pharmacological therapy to help our 4-legged friend to solve the discomfort.

There are also gods natural remedies which will certainly speed up healing. (Attention: also in this case, we NEVER do our own thing: it is always good to be advised by an expert).

Here are some tips on the type of Power supply to be able to follow from home that can improve health:

  • finely chopped garlic: it will do the body a lot of good and will partially restore the immune system
  • chopped pumpkin seeds and mixed with the cat's food. This could also be a good method of prevention: a diet that, again on veterinary consultation, could be proposed very often, not only in case of need
  • boiled carrot: Excellent for cleansing and gastrointestinal health. This, too, could be an excellent food to combine with stew / croquettes on a daily basis
  • apple cider vinegar: also this to add to the food the cat is accustomed to, it will certainly be able to cure the presence of worms very quickly
suffering kitten
suffering kitten

Bottom line: is having an adult cat with worms a very serious problem? If caught in time, no: indeed, it can be safely treated with the necessary drugs or recommended remedies. In any case, you must always know how to take things quickly and with pliers. Contacting the vet immediately will help us to solve it as soon as possible: in the period following the treatment, the cat will be checked several times to make sure that everything is restored and that we can return to normal again.