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Cat killed and put in a box: the cruel message
Cat killed and put in a box: the cruel message

The protagonist of this sad story that comes from Ohio is yet another killed cat. In this case, however, it was also placed inside a box with a really petty note.

cat killed in ohio
cat killed in ohio

The Woods family is very fond of animals and had reached an altitude of five cats, between the interior and the garden. Yes, because they were free to stay outside as well, as Butley County was a quiet area.

The story

The killed cat did part of a litter. “My cats mean everything to me,” said Tamira Woods. So, when her first cat gave birth to four kittens, in agreement with her husband and teenage son, they decided to keep them.

Occasionally, however, the felines had the opportunity to roam the apartment residence where the family lives. They didn't go much beyond the door entrance, but this was not enough.

Midnight, in fact, one day does not come back as usual. They were all confident, until another puppy disappears: Hashbrown. At 2 am the horrible news arrives. They find it in a box left right in front of the door. This story is reminiscent of the cat who was beaten to death in Ferno, remember?

the message

The trauma reported by the poor cat was evident: “As if someone had stepped on it or had done it to pieces against a door “Said Tamira. But there is a note to clarify the reason for the incident. “Keep your cats indoors!”.

The Woods family does not explain the reason for so much malice, if the cats had caused problems they could have intervened, but no one has ever complained. Their hearts are now broken and they mourn the passing of a family member. It was so small that they didn't even have time to take a picture.

The incident shook them to the point of evaluate the transfer. Meanwhile, the other cats will remain indoors and safe from human madness. The police department has been alerted and is looking for the perpetrator.