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Japanese Bobtail, who is it for? Family and ties
Japanese Bobtail, who is it for? Family and ties

To understand who the Japanese Bobtail is suitable for just look at his character: sweet and affectionate, sociable and very active.

In practice it is a nice concentrate of energy perfect for life in even large families who want a company that is always cheerful at home.

A cat who loves human contact

The Japanese Bobtail is a cat from lively and active personality who is very fond of his human friends.

Japanese bobtail with short tail
Japanese bobtail with short tail

This is why it is considered perfect for family living, both in the presence of adults and children running around the house.

So who is the Japanese Bobtail suitable for? Simple, to anyone who wants the company of a sweet animal and sociable.

An affable cat who bonds with each member of his human family and who loves to spend his time in their company.

Put aside the image of the classic cat that stands on its own and keeps aloof, perhaps crouching in its favorite corner.

The Japanese Bobtail always seeks human contact and it does so both with its presence and by drawing the attention of the owners with its typical meow.

According to many it is a real "talking" cat that modulates sounds as if it wanted to build real sentences.

In short, a cat like the Japanese Bobtail it will not leave you alone not for a moment, poking around in any activity you may undertake.

A cat that looks like a dog

Anyone who has had anything to do with a Japanese Bobtail will certainly sing their praises by pointing out how smart he is and witty.

cat with a funny spot on the muzzle
cat with a funny spot on the muzzle

And this intelligence manifests itself under various aspects, not only because of its very personal language that it creates by modulating the meow as it pleases.

The Japanese Bobtail has a large learning ability and it is as simple to teach him games and tricks as if he were a dog.

So much so that he is an experienced "retriever" that could spend hours bringing back the objects we throw at him.

As if that were not enough it is easy to teach him to walking on a leash and will be happy to walk with us in the open air.

This cat also quickly learns to recognize the sound of its name so be prepared for a cat that comes to your feet whenever you call it!

However, the intelligence of the Japanese Bobtail also translates into little pranks that will leave you speechless.

Can understand how certain objects work, for example it doesn't take long to learn how a door opens or a counter.

So be careful to leave it unattended because it could sneak without your knowledge into the "off limits" rooms where it should never enter.

Who is the Japanese Bobtail for: children

Often when we decide to adopt a cat we think that the presence of children it may be a problem or otherwise an obstacle to family coexistence.

sweet look of the cat
sweet look of the cat

Not all cats and animals in general are suitable for the little ones of the house and we could risk running into unpleasant accidents.

With the Japanese Bobtail we can rest assured, it is a cat sociable and active who loves children especially.

It is natural that they are his favorite humans, given the predisposition of both to the game and to pranks.

Together they form a real team of urchins, so rather than making sure they get hurt, we should keep an eye on them so that they don't damage the house!

The constant search for attention leads the Japanese Bobtail to always prefer those who are willing to spend a lot of time with them.

Of course the winners are the children, always active and tireless. Virtually the perfect owners.

The Japanese Bobtail and other animals

If with humans he is sociable and friendly, the Japanese Bobtail does not contradict himself either with other animals domestic.

Japanese bobtail in white and red color
Japanese bobtail in white and red color

He is able to make friends with everyone, even with dogs that often don't get along very well with our feline friends.

He never sees other animals as a threat even if they are much larger in size.

For the Japanese Bobtail it makes no difference: whether it is human, cat or dog it is enough to spend a lot time together to play and pamper yourself!

But beware of small animals, such as rodents. Let's not forget that historically the Japanese Bobtail was born as a "hunting" cat.

It really had the job of killing mice and rats that in the past infested the streets and countryside of Japan.

If we add to this its natural predatory instinct, we can say that coexistence with one of these small animals is not exactly ideal.