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Tabby cat, nature: its character and temperament
Tabby cat, nature: its character and temperament

In this article we would like to talk about a specific topic: what is the nature of the Soriano cat? What do we know about his character? Let us try to explain specifically what information describes his temperament and his relationship with the outside world.

Tabby Cat: who is it?

relaxed tabby
relaxed tabby

Who is the Tabby Cat? What do we know about his deeper nature? And his character? How does it stand towards the rest of the world? Can he relate well to others, whether they are humans or animals? Let's try to find out some general information about him.

The Soriano is a cat with very ancient origins, famous and known for its sweetness, sensitivity and tenderness. A very important aspect that cannot fail to be underlined refers to the history of the Soriano. In fact, he has always been used to living like a wild cat, so he has always adapted to outdoor environments where survival was the only possible password.

This kind of life allowed him to develop a strong survival instinct and adaptation, but also excellent qualities of predator and hunter. In fact, for much of its history it has always been used as an excellent specimen for hunting mice and rodents that infested cities or ships, bringing plague and disease.

In short, the typical nature of the Soriano cat can be defined as very dynamic, hyperactive and absolutely lively. He cannot live without movement, adventure, exploration and everything related to the possibility of discovering ever new realities.

Over time, then, the Soriano was noticed more and more not only for these splendid qualities, but also because he has always been very open to relationships with others. The propensity for friendships and relationships was certainly created thanks to the many years that led him to interact in a sociable and functional way with his human friend.

Both received a positive advantage: the cat had the opportunity to meet people, to have cuddles, food, comfort and love; the man, for his part, made sure that the exceptional gifts of the Soriano could help him to gut dangerous or unhygienic situations.

Gradually, therefore, the Soriano has become a real friend of man, so much so that, after the officialization that made it a breed in itself, it also became part of the family environment. Today, in fact, everyone considers him one splendid companion for life and coexistence, thanks to his sympathetic nature and inclined to dialogue.

Character and disposition

cat climbing a tree
cat climbing a tree

This splendid specimen with a special tabby coat has a very independent and autonomous character. This is certainly due to the fact that for years and years it has been used to living in wild conditions outdoors. However, despite this, the Soriano did not take long to acclimate to the new conditions that were proposed to him.

After living for so long as a wild cat, who would refuse all the comforts and well-being that the family environment offers? Not only in terms of practical needs, such as the availability of always ready and excellent quality food, clean and fresh water, soft bunks and warm blankets to rest, but also in terms of affection and relationships.

In fact, the domestic context is excellent because it opens up many roads. For example, it allows you to establish love and friendship, to create bonds that involve the constant exchange of tenderness, effusions, sweetness and lots of pampering.

In short, for those who come from the street, it is certainly not difficult adapt to the new context. Especially when this is made up of a set of elements that can help you live in a more peaceful, quiet and peaceful way! Therefore, since the Soriano became part of domestic life, he has adapted his disposition to the new condition.

This helped him a lot to entertain gods long and lasting relationships not only with the human family. In fact, inside the apartment, the Soriano cat also gets along well with any other 4-legged friends who are part of the family.

The availability at dialogue and to sociability they have always been distinctive elements of his character, which have remained constant in any context. In fact, the Soriano is a cat very inclined to cuddles and to the exchange of tenderness and entertainment.

We must not think, however, that the fact of having adapted to the family environment has completely eliminated his adventurous character. On the contrary! However, the Soriano cat has maintained a hyperactive and dynamic spirit! For this reason, therefore, who very often likes to go out and take beautiful walks outdoors.

Exploring the outside world, getting to know new realities and then having the certainty of being able to return to the new habitat made up of all the comforts necessary to live peacefully is the perfect balance for him. However, we must expect a very energetic and full of vitality character! The Soriano, therefore, is very happy when he finds friends, humans or animals, who are willing to always give him attention and entertain him with various amusements and games.

In short, the Soriano cat is a animal of a thousand resources. What must never be missing for his life, however, is movement! We must never underestimate his need to move, run around, have fun, go hunting. All these elements are part of him! His personality cannot ignore them in the least.

Relationship with other animals

cat interested in something
cat interested in something

After explaining some details of the temperament of the Soriano cat, let's now try to understand what is his relationship with others. We have said that the Soriano has become an excellent element for the apartment. In fact, he manages to live quietly and kindly in contact with others, according to the "rules" of the house.

What we would like to present now is this: how it behaves towards any other animals present in the house? Can its dynamic, fun, but also independent and autonomous nature be combined with the needs of other 4-legged friends?

The answer may be "yes", but only to some conditions: let's see which ones. It is true that the nature of the Soriano cat is well disposed to play, fun and adventure, but it is equally true that he has a lot need its spaces and your privacy.

So, can you get along with other friends? Yes, as long as they all grew up together and are accustomed over time to the mutual respect. This means that all the animals in the house, for a good coexistence, must be educated to peace and quiet.

Being the Soriano a cat from somewhat dominant character, since he pretends to do everything according to his plans and his "laws", it is necessary to help him to adapt also to the presence of other animals. With other cats, the situation must be very controlled from the very beginning. Therefore, it is necessary that since they are still very kittens, kittens are taught how to share spaces, objects, environments, a home.

We must make them understand that there is something for everyone! We, as the good bosses we are, should ensure that everyone is treated equally. What does this mean? That every animal must have the same attentions, the same cuddles, the same playing times, the same needs met. By putting everyone on the same level, it will be much easier to get everyone accustomed to a peaceful coexistence based on everyone's respect.

In doing so, in fact, even our Tabby cat will understand that a balance can always be found! This is the secret to making him happy and calm towards others. There will certainly be the time dedicated to convivial play, to relax in company and to relax in solitude. Everyone needs moments of sharing and privacy: here is the trick to live everyone peacefully.

And how does it stand with dogs? The same goes for feline friends! We need early socialization, time to get to know each other and above all to accept each other! Nothing is impossible, but we need to work a lot on everyone's education.