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Cat is always sleepy, what to do?
Cat is always sleepy, what to do?

The cat is an animal that spends most of the day sleeping. It is a fundamental aspect of his daily routine but if it is so usual then why the cat is always restless sleep? The reasons may be different and now we will see them together. The good news is that you can help your little feline who is sleeping badly. We will also see what to do in these cases.

Seeing your cat sleeping is rewarding. Sometimes, to sleep, he chooses truly bizarre places and positions that inevitably make you smile. Others, on the other hand, sit there curled up on himself, with the elegance that distinguishes him, when all of a sudden he begins to tremble or meow. So let's see what it depends on and what to do if the cat is always sleepy.

The cat trembles while sleeping, why?


One of the manifestations of uneventful sleep is the tremor. If you see that your cat is always restless and shivering asleep, don't worry, he is probably dreaming, or he is cold. In other situations, however, it could be the manifestation of health problems and in this case it is good to pay attention.

Many wonder if the animals they dream and the answer seems to be yes. Several studies have shown that the brain activity of cats in the deep sleep phase is very similar to that of humans and therefore the feline can move its limbs, facial muscles or eyelids. Exactly the same way as we humans. Dreams can be of different types, it also happens to us to fidget when we dream during rest. What is not yet known is what cats dream of.

The main cause of tremor is the cold. Even your little feline could fidget in his sleep due to particularly low temperatures or if the kennel is in a position where a current of air flows. This is why it is important to choose the right place to place the doghouse. If the cat feels cold while sleeping, it will start shaking and shivering and will try to curl up to warm up. In this case, just cover it or move the kennel to a more sheltered spot.

The most troubling reason is Health problems. If your cat is always troubled asleep, it could be a sign of pain. Better to observe his behavior even when he is awake. Pay attention to his meowing, breathing, aggressive, unwilling to eat or play. Once all these elements have been collected, consult your veterinarian to better understand what your cat is feeling and how to help him.

Why does the cat meow at night?


During the night we often hear cats meow. We are used to sleeping at night but it is not certain that the cat also sleeps in those moments. In fact, cats are nocturnal (or rather crepuscular) animals. So it often happens that while we sleep, they are awake and lively.

Again, there is no single reason why the cat meows at night. Each little feline is different from the other, so it could be a simple matter of character. There are cats who are silent at night even if they do not sleep and others who instead wander quietly around the house without paying attention to the noises or meows they may emit.

Basically cats, meowing, want to tell us something. They don't have the "nastiness" of wanting to keep you from sleeping. They are just trying to communicate. Since they do not have the use of words, they often use meows to draw attention to themselves.

The main causes that lead a cat to meow at night are: hunger, a sense of loneliness, stress, illness, hormonal changes.

The cat is always restless sleep, what to do to calm it down


The reasons, as we have seen, are different, but the real good news is that if the cat is always restless sleep we can help him. So here's what to do to calm him down and make him sleep peacefully.

More activity during the day. It also happens to us humans that the more tired we are, the more deeply we sleep. Similarly, if you increase the activity of cats during the day, providing them with lots of stimuli and games to stay active, they will be tired at night and will just want to sleep. If you can't stay indoors all day with your cat, try leaving him around with games or trails that keep him busy.

Also remember that cats are very active animals, so if neglected they can get bored easily. To prevent this from happening even at night, when you want to sleep but he is wide awake, the solution is there. As we have suggested you do when you are away from home, in the same way organize the environment so that your cat will find something interesting to do even during the night. When he is satisfied and tired, he will fall into a restful and peaceful sleep.

Rearrange your meals. Probably cats who eat little, then wake up during the night because they are hungry. In fact, it happens that they are unable to sleep because they have eaten little in the evening and often accompany the feeling of discomfort with meowing. To prevent this from happening, you can think about preparing snacks for your little cats to eat just before going to bed, or leaving something available that they can take on their own even if you are sleeping. The risk otherwise is that you have to jump out of bed every time they meow from hunger and give them something to eat. Be careful because they could take a taste and repeat it every night.

Give more love. It may happen that the cat has restless sleep because it is nervous and afraid. The emotions of your furry friends are very important and you must pay attention to their needs. In fact, the meow is a way to communicate a state of mind or a need and during the night it could be fear. In this case, try to show your love more to him during the day. This way he will feel reassured and satisfied, sleeping peacefully at night or when you are not close to him.

Take a second cat. Although cats are animals that love their independence, at the same time they are very sociable. This is why it may happen to see that the cat always sleeps restlessly if it is the only feline in the house. This mainly happens with kittens, who are full of energy and don't like being alone at night. Taking a second cat would solve the problem, since they could play with each other if needed.

Other alternatives. If everything we've talked about so far doesn't work to make your cat sleep peacefully, then try asking your vet if you should use Bach flowers to calm him down. There are also pheromone diffusers that help the cat relax and sleep peacefully.