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Kitten in a beach house, how to make it acclimatise
Kitten in a beach house, how to make it acclimatise

Anyone who is a cat enthusiast or expert knows very well how important it is for them to be attached to the territory and the usual routine to live always the same as itself. Pets in general, in fact, do not particularly like changes in habits, indeed they always feel very uncomfortable when they are forced to undergo any type of change.

However, it is always better to take them on vacation with us, instead of having them face days away from us at a friend's house or in a special boarding house. What we need to worry about, then, is to make sure that Micio feels as relaxed as possible in the new environment, so as not to be overly stressed.

What can we do to get it set? The kitten in a house by the sea may he feel good at first glance, or might he have problems understanding how to manage his anxiety and his state of mind? What matters is to make him find an environment that is as favorable and comfortable as possible.

Kitten on vacation

cat relaxes on vacation
cat relaxes on vacation

When we decide to take Micio on vacation, we must pay attention to some special attention that can make his life as relaxed as possible. What holidays would they be if they were all about anxiety and stress?

Spending the holidays all together it must necessarily imply being calm and enjoying the days as serene as possible. If we choose, for example, to bring a kitten in one Beach house, we must always take into account one aspect: he will need time and patience to settle in and to make sure that everything is in its place.

Being a very territorial animal, in fact, it is not particularly predisposed for sudden changes of habits or everyday life. Therefore, this implies that our role as good owners must necessarily be fundamental.

What is certain is that Miao will be more relaxed when faced with the idea of staying in our company, instead of being left in a boarding house for cats or at some friend's house. However, this does not mean that he will be fully involved, much less happy with it.

The first sensation who will try in front of the new place that will be his home for a few days is certainly that of feeling disoriented and out of place. The cat, in fact, loves hers comfort zone and would never want to get out of it. He loves his spaces, his things, his home: none of this should fail as far as his tastes are concerned.

There are, then, some precautions that we can worry about so that Micio can enjoy his new stay in peace? Surely there are some tips that, if followed, can actually be useful for your well-being.

Cat and house by the sea?

cat on the rocks
cat on the rocks

We know how complicated it is to educate a cat to respect certain rules rules of coexistence already inside an apartment that is familiar to him … let alone how much it will be in the face of such a new and certainly different situation!

What is our role? What can we do to provide the best of our possibilities for the tranquility of one of our best 4-legged friends? There are many things we should worry about, among which there are some that are really essential: here are the main ones.

Useful tips

cat on vacation by the sea
cat on vacation by the sea

Let's start from the basics: what we owe put in suitcase to make Micio's holiday “perfect”? Surely, the more familiar objects there are, the more comfortable he will feel. Therefore, we could bring his favorite toys, blankets or bunks that have the smells of home, appetizing snacks that can stimulate his palate, the litter and the litter that he usually uses.

Let's not forget, then, to use the pet carrier for the voyage: this certainly won't make Micio happy. In fact, the idea of being forced to stay in such a small place would not stimulate anyone. For this it is necessary to get used to the carrier from a very young age, in order to be prepared for any hypothetical journey.

The most useful advice you can give to calm a stressed out kitten on vacation? Make him feel our constant presence at his side. Therefore, let's take into consideration the idea of not leaving him alone for too long (or, at least, no longer than strictly necessary).

Instead, we try to make him understand how important it is to stay calm in order to enjoy every situation to the fullest with cuddles, love, exchanges of tenderness and walks in company. In fact, to get a kitten accustomed to a house by the sea, it is necessary to exploration! He will have to know and discover every single place not only in the apartment, but also in the surroundings.

Only in this way, in fact, will he become familiar with the whole environment around him. In this way, the stay will certainly be more peaceful. Furthermore, we must not underestimate the spirit of predator and from soccer player by Micio. He must always hunt: chasing prey is what satisfies him most.

How to do? In a new environment, you have to be careful: dangers can always be around the corner! This is why it is important to let him discover the environment step by step: our support will be essential. It could also be useful to bring it on a leash. In this way, it will be avoided as much as possible that it incurs any threats.

It is therefore essential to offer him a favorable and comfortable environment, equipped with every possible comfort. The goal must always be to recreate a place that is familiar to him, which can stimulate him, which makes him feel good and does not make him (too) afraid of the unknown.

In addition to this, a sophisticated ad hoc diet is also part of our task. Since stress and anxiety are two factors that somatize very easily, it becomes very important to have an eye on the food.

Let's take care, then, to prepare meals that are light and easily digestible. This will give Miao a chance to swallow just the right amount of nutrients. The goal is to achieve the greater state of general well-being of the cat. Proper diet will avoid problems at the level of digestive system you hate expulsion substances.

To all this, our support must certainly be added. Cuddles, love, tenderness, games, attention, tranquility: presence! Here are the ingredients you need to have a great time holidays in sweet company.