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5 things to help a cat during home birth
5 things to help a cat during home birth

It is a moment that, for various reasons, is unique and magical at the same time. But what needs to be done for help the cat during childbirth?

There are essentially 5 things to do, bearing in mind that felines are quite autonomous when they are pregnant and bring their babies into the world. Therefore, they are mostly "supplements" which, however, must never be lacking in situations of this type!

A large cardboard box

You probably already know how much cats love cardboard boxes. Well, even in this case they play a very important role and that is to provide a place Safe where the cat can give birth to her young in total comfort and safety. The size of the box, of course, must be relative based on the number of puppies that will be born (identifiable through ultrasound by the veterinarian).

Some old towels

The box, of course, must not be empty inside but must have towels old, possibly in large numbers also like reserve. This is because, obviously, during childbirth there is a risk that the affected area gets dirty.

A thermal pillow

Especially when the birth takes place on particularly days cold, it is important to place a thermal pillow under the towels, which will help to hold the towel down hot kittens once born.

sweet calico kitty
sweet calico kitty

Bathroom mats

To guarantee even more cleaning, we recommend that you also place one or two absorbent pads outside the nest. This will be especially useful if the cat, for one reason or another, has to move from the place where she is lying.

feline little mom
feline little mom

A litter box

After the birth, of course, you will have to clean up all that will get dirty and therefore you will need a basket, perhaps positioned right there near you, into which to throw everything.